Artificial Rhino horns unable to stop poaching

Recently internet is in storms with the news of an artificial rhino hornĀ  developed through bio-technology. Currently many bio-technology companies are working in the direction of artificially producing the elephant ivory, tiger bones etc. In order to halt poaching and killing of these animals worldwide. It is true that the object created is genetically identical to rhino horns. May produce similar effects and usages but the problem is in selling it. The companies are seeking to sell the rhino horns in the market but are facing resistance from wildlife conservatories.

Reason for opposing Rhino Horns

It is factual that selling synthetic rhino horns will only create more demands in the market. It might also increase the demand for the real deal. The availability of legal synthetic horn could remove the hesitation from buying illegally. The demarcation of identifying the difference between synthetic horn that looks very real to the illegal horn is very low.

The companies who wants to benefit by making synthetic horn have no commitment towards the wildlife and poaching. The real message is missed in this way, we have to work to put a clear message in people’s mind. i.e killing or using animal parts is illegal and immoral. Having a synthetic alternative will deduce the message and will hurt the anti-poaching momentum.

Recently the world has begun to see some relief in trying to save Rhino’s all over the world. Dedicated and constant work in this direction have finally began to show relief. The problem is in the middle of this suddenly this idea came. It is not going to help wildlife as it so claims. In fact it will hurt it where it will really be in pain. That is flourishing the market with something already banned.

The need of the hour is to remove the label of “wildlife-friendliness” from the synthetic horns and tag it with, “Bringing poaching back to the scene”. Rhino-horns are used in medicines from centuries and it is being checked by various agencies all over the world.




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