Animals are better than human-beings

Time and time again if we observe other people whom we share the world with, our fellow life-forms. We  have come in terms of calling them animals, for a fact we are nothing like them. Most of the lifestyle propels us to look at them as lower forms of life, less evolved and for the use of ours over their pain, enslavement and mutilation. Somehow we believe that Earth lays more emphasis upon human life than rest of the forms. This is the type of mistake which is accepted from lower life forms. Whereas in Animal Kingdom everything is equal and present moment is where the decisions are made i.e Animals are better than human.

Frankly you will say, how does it even makes them better than us? To be honest these things matter specially in times when people don’t grieve about someone they love. We in perceiving things more practically are moving towards a hollow life. Families don’t stick together, divorce rate  has now spread on the globe like a venom which is pushing us towards a shallow life. Kids nowadays hardly are in touch with their parents or nature around them. Always there is a issue between one generation with the other. We believe that moving on will somehow fix everything.

Elephants grieves for their loved ones


Ten Pygmy elephants were poisoned by farmers in East-Africa which showed a spectacular sight of a baby elephant trying to revive his mother. The elephant calf mourned three days straight- how sad of us. We don’t know what goes inside our own mind, how would we know what goes in theirs? About 1,00,000 Elephants are killed each year world-wide. Not only do Elephants mourn their own, they also do that to other species. Somehow they are the ones who seem to understand the transition of life and death better than any human.

Not only this, but they perform rituals by returning back to the corpses or the place of demise. For years and years since they have much better memories than what we will ever have.

Dogs save more life everyday


Day to day basis, dogs are our superhero. A dog would do anything for their owner. They are not just willing to play with you and shower you with unconditional love. A resident when knocked unconscious due to illness didn’t respond to his family dog. It broke the window to get attention of their neighbors. First cop on the scene describes it as one of the most strangest case he ever encountered.  A dog decided to help an abandoned baby and protected it from preys. Dogs have keen understanding about little ones and are always protective towards kids. Internet is full of incredible stories where dogs have saved people’s life. They have senses wherein they understand how the mood, health of people are, they can smell cancer apart from all the explosives and drugs they have been sniffing for our authorities.

Dolphins are more complicated than our assumptions


An animal like leader will never think about differences, revenge and agendas. Besides we have been killing these creatures time after time. They get back to us by saving human lives here and there. Dolphins are social animals and have complicated relationship among their pod. They nurture and take care of their babies until they reach adolescence. Drowning sailors since the times of Greeks have been rescued by these brainy creatures. They spend entire life with one partner and also seem to fall apart if another one cheats or touches any other Dolphin. They have complex language as well, which we are trying to decode through our puny minds.

Horses remember people and displays high intelligence


A study in animal behavior shows that not only horses remember faces of people. They are highly dedicated and committed to their owners who they consider as friend. Horses choose their owners as much as owners choose their horses. They would take bodies of their owners to their home in case of any miss-happening. There are thousands of stories when they were the only way of transport. Wherein they stood up for their owners more than expected by any humans even in a risk of death.