Ancient temples are clocked on 110 Hz

Tom Danley an archeologists on the chambers of the kings in Egypt. Noticed that the formation of the chambers suggests a sonic architecture to it. He identified resident frequencies which are present despite of no sound produced. He points that the shaft inside the Chambers. Which are designed in a way that produces sound when wind blows past it. Exactly like a flute playing four distinct frequencies simultaneously. The only trouble is that the frequency upon which it is clocked falls below human hearing at 8 Hz to 16 Hz. The Pyramid shows a resonance with the frequency 438 Hz – 440 Hz and shows the same residual ever present frequency. Interestingly ‘Om’ ancient Sanskrit mantra also vibrates on the same frequency.

The Chechen Itza Pyramid’s were designed in a way that even a whisper travels around the huge field across it. The hand clap echoes back as the chirping sound of the Quetzal bird, the sacred bird of the pyramid and its deity Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl. Such monuments which uses acoustic nature of sound are ample in India. frequencywaves

One of the oldest temple situated in the islands of Malta and Gozo carved out of limestone by a highly advanced civilization. The Megalithic structures shows complicated aspect of archaeology known as Corbelling. A system of over-sailing row stones descending one by one. Balanced by dividing the weight of the stones equally. The Mathematics involved in the design of this carved limestone is massive. Oracle Chamber of the hypogeum resonates to a deep voice that echoes rumbling through your bones. The researchers clocked the frequency upon 110 Hz – 111 Hz. The idea to erect monuments for generating sound waves is fascinating. Whether it was deliberate or not, but the people who spent time under its influence will resonate to the same frequency affecting their minds.

Dr. Ian cook of UCLA along with his esteemed colleagues published a Scientific paper. In which he produced the findings of his experiments done on hundreds of healthy volunteers by monitoring their EEG. While producing different resonance frequencies found that it changes the mood and behavior. On 110 Hz the brain patterns over the pre-frontal cortex shifts from left to right sided brain. The center of the emotional processing, empathy and social behavior. So were our ancients blossoming their fascinating tombs to create altered state of Consciousness?

This question embarks many archeologists on the research of ancient acoustics.  Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research studied the relation between engineering and consciousness. Two of their most important experiments were on Human-Machine anomalies and Remote Perception. Lead by the Dean Professor of Aerospace Science Robert G Jahn of the Princeton University. In 1994 the group lead out a research upon the sonic anomalies of megalithic structures and found that they all resonated to the 110 Hz.

The Tibetan horn, the modern Bahá’í House of Worship, Angkor Wat all are designed to resonate at 110 Hz to 111 Hz. It is not a coincidence among the archeologist who have unwrapped an ancient mystery.

The significance of 110 Hz

This frequency is known to represent the human pitch. Buddhist and Hindu chant their mantras in the same frequency. Archeologists say that these chambers was used for rituals and chanting. Having the place designed in the same frequency will support the chanting. This resonance would then allow enhanced right brain activity. The right brain is the center for art, poetry, sensuality, spirituality, feelings, imaginations and innovations. rightbrain

The Right mind is  an intuitive gift while the left brain is a faithful servant. Studies have been found that once able to excess the right brain. A person becomes more problem solving and less conflicting in nature. It does not follow a logical pattern and thus is totally free. Something so sacred to our ancients that they build these structures to symbolize it.

Imagine what more they know about the inner workings of our brain. You can experience this frequency and its effect through your smart phones. Many applications have come out using the same phenomenon of Brain tuning.



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