Why people of Afghanistan loves India over any other country?

Afghanistan a war torn country has been healing itself. The devastation is not only by the war but also by Taliban. In the presence of American and NATO troops a strange story is forming. India and Afghanistan has been a close country before the advent of Taliban. In fact, even being a Muslim country they trust India more than their immediate neighbor Pakistan. The reason behind Afghanistan’s love for India is enumerated in this article.

After the destruction of the entire country’s resources. India came forward in building the country. Pakistan who was responsible for supplying of money and weapons to Taliban. Feels that Indian help in Afghanistan is troubling to them.

In September 2016 India announced $1 billion dollar economic aid to Afghanistan.  India and Afghanistan were a close allies during British colonialism and before formation of Pakistan. When Soviet Russia in 1979 invaded Afghanistan they became a close allies. India was first democratic country to recognize the Soviet backed government. India sent aid and supported Afghanistan throughout the turmoil.

The relationship hit a roadblock in 1996, when Afghanistan was seized by violent Islamic Military Taliban. India refused to recognize Taliban rule. In fact no other country other than Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates accepted the regime. India protested when Taliban began to destroy two ancient stone Buddhas. Since India is the birthplace of Buddhism.

However, the two countries forged even closer ties after Taliban was defeated. India pledged over $2 Billion Dollars, helping in education and electricity. They are building Dams, Schools they even built the Parliament of Afghanistan. Many Afghani students are studying in India. India is training police as well as government officials of Afghanistan.

India has also invested in Afghanistan’s infrastructure including Power Projects and Mines. Today with USA removing their troops slowly, India is struggling to find a definitive role in Afghanistan. Due to the negative influence of Pakistan. Since Pakistan wants to control Afghanistan. There has been incidents where Pakistan has halted aids being sent to Afghanistan from India.

On the height of when Pakistan has become safe heavens for the terrorists. It is under an ongoing struggle to destabilize its two neighbors Afghanistan and India. It seems that the alliance between the two countries is crucial for the stabilization of the region.