Unmistaken1 stands for absolute one it is an Online Independent News in magazine format. To report in the fields of Science, Spirituality, Conspiracy, Global Politics and Finance. Through unmistaken1 we give you a new perspective or new information which helps in your growth. This is an online Independent News Media guaranteed to be free from censorship.

Due to the illicit behavior of trying to woo public opinion instead of telling the truth people are being misinformed and dis-informed by mainstream media. The need for Crowd funded News Media has arisen on Global Scale in this New World Order.

This website is neither a (Leftist/Rightist) nor represents any Communist/Capitalists/Government. We are not aligned or non-aligned with any scientific, religious, political, banking, corporation or government. This website promotes ‘Open Source Independent Journalism’ with faith in humanity and ideas through proofs and emergence.

If you are able to come up with something unique and deeply insightful or/and If you are an Independent Journalist, Whistle-blower, Scientist or Explorer and you have something important to be shared with the world. Feel free to contact us through the contact form. I am expecting a smooth sail 2017 onward with amazing contents and very open minded readers from all around the world.  (Mainly USA, Great Britain, India, China, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Russia etc.



Online Independent News


What is an ‘Online Independent News Media?

An Online Independent News Media’s objective is truth. We are constantly searching for Journalists who are passionate about getting the truth in the public eye. True Journalism fights oppression and exposes corruption and deceit.  Independent News Media’s objective is to remain free from corporate and political alignment. Thereby going into the grassroots of How? Why? What? And report.

“The rights of people, Women, Men, Children, Immigrants, Indigenous, Minorities, Majorities on Global scale. To promote Justice, Freedom, Rights in Speech, Religion and Information.”



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