5 Steps to identify a true Guru

It was over 1 and a half year I was still in Rishikesh continuing my practise by myself. In search of something at times we become blind. Our observation skills go down, that was the reason I realised that I have to be affirm and identify a true teacher. I went back into Vedic texts and begin to wonder page by page through it. There is an old saying, “Guru Gobind dau khadey…Kakey lagu paye?…Balihari Guru aapney…Govind diyo bataye” Translation:  Guru and God both are standing whose feet I touch first? Only it was Guru who had told me about the God and without him I would not be able to identify God. So he comes first. 

Such is the power of a Guru in Indian civilisation, he is kept above God and is the seer and the guider. Is this true in Kaliyuga (Dark age: according to Hindu Calendar we are in Dark Age) ? I asked myself. This is when my journey began. I put down these Seven points I needed in oder to identify a true Guru.

My meeting with one of my Guru happened on two occasions, once when he came in the middle of my meditation near Ganga and began to question me. Which came out as the most memorable one on one session I ever had. That is when he told me 2 things which are always there in my notebook, 3 types of people who are in the world according to Shiva and 7 traits of successful people for Shiva as stated to Yogis.

Real awakened beings do not participate in the world, they are in forest or spend their time on the land given to them by their own Guru. They roam in search of experience and give only love. Their mixing with society occurs only rarely and most of the time they are moving.

Heat and Cold is same

When the Kundalini is awakened, the spine gets erect and the body though physical it begins to react in a non physical way. The Guru is always in one cloth, whether it is raining, snowing or heat. The cloth for a Guru is only a symbol for his attachent with society, in whose norms we should be clothed. It is not to help body cope with different weather and temperature, because his/her own body has gone beyond. In Kaliyuga, the present age the Guru might get on/off in physical and ethreal world, thats why sometimes they might get cold and at times they might feel threatened by heat but they remain same in both.

Guru’s objective is goal of student

In my experience I realised that Guru arrived when only I was responding to a muffled voice inside of me. Each time with Guru, it was healing just the mere presence and his smile was true and innoscent, the smile not only stretched through his cheek but also in his eyes. He told me to stick to my Goals and the divine mother earth will guide. He also said that the relationship between student and Guru is of Divine Love. He also said that once a Guru is self realized he becomes a lover of God and not a worshipper. His focus was in my achievement and not his. He was committed to the goal of awakening human kind.

Materialism is secondary

In this capitalist world, money and physical world cannot be avoided until you yourself are self realised and leave society and live in forest. The Guru’s objective of creating a self aware world also needs for a Guru to participate in the modern world. This is when they come out to play with monetary world- they never want enough for themselves but yet make sure everyone working in the ashram is provided. In short a Guru is not of a material world but uses material for gains in the spiritual upliftment.

Is not american alliance certified

This joke of American community jumping in Yoga and acclaiming certification will stop soon. You cannot become a teacher in 1 month or 3 month course. In order to be a teacher you yourself need atleast 3 years of minimum regular practise. American alliance uses the propaganda of showing Yoga as an excercise and only Postures and movement matters. They have broken Yoga into different section and yet have same Asanas in all. American Alliance Certified Yoga teacher’s background is never from a Guru, they do not follow the basic Guru and student philosphy. There is no self realisation involved in it. The certificate is provided if you are ready to pay for it. No practise in the world can acclaim to make a teacher of someone in mere 3 months. Yoga is done many decades in order to become a Guru in it. Therefore, most of the people instead of giving these Yoga instructors the place they have, begin to compare them with a realised Guru. It is not the Asananas that a Guru do, but the words he speak which carries the energy and is able to materialise. Any person can do this certification and can become a Yoga instructor within months but a Yoga Guru not even a chance.

Sexual energy is channelized

If your Guru is flirting with a student or with you. There is 99.999% chance they are not self realized. If he begins to play a game in order to get sexual favors he is only broken person who is unable to control their sexual urges. A Guru never flirts or think of their own gain using a student. These are in fact the Asuras (the demons as foretold in HInduism) It is infact seen that demonic energy also gets attracted by spritual energy and they want to devour it in order to restore their own energy. To read more about this click here