Understanding 110Hz Frequency

Listening to 110Hz is like listening to confluence of two rivers. Finally merging into the great voice of universe. Unmistaken1 ponders about the reason behind the usage of 110hz in ancient Temples in this article. In this article we will talk more about its usage and application in daily life.


Why 110Hz?

Listen to the audio given above. You will quickly understand that it is a low frequency sound with high base. So much that sometimes is impossible to listen to this sound without a great speaker system or earphones. A cell kept in this frequency seems to go about its synthesis without any interruption. Which means that the organic structures of the cells vibrating to this frequency shows elaborate amount of water retention in cells. Which further promotes metabolism. This phenomenon holds true in the case of plants as well.

This frequency is known to make the right brain active inhibiting left brain. It also generates power in women’s ovaries basically effecting Stomach.

Psychological affects includes mood enhancements and powerful ‘awake’ state.


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